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We now have a number of cover solutions for you to choose from, including our New Reupholstery service. Call us today for more information 0191 422 1864 or 07853 344638.

Yes. we can offer fabric by the metre when you place an order for covers curtains or re-upholstery In the fabric section of our website, you will find a full list of the fabric houses we are able to supply you from.

Yes. Our expert craftsmen will inspect and repair your furniture before re-upholstering it to it’s former glory.

It’s essential that you feel confident about your upholstery suppliers – and choosing Total Upholstery will give you total peace of mind. As an experienced upholstery suppliers in the business, we offer a unique level of experience and expertise, with a quick turn around time

If you’re looking for sofa upholstery for an unusual sofa, we offer a complete sofa upholstery service for sofas of all ages, shapes and sizes and our range of sofa upholstery options includes slip covers and loose covers as well as reupholstery. In short, we believe we can offer sofa upholstery for just about any sofa, unusual or not. Why not call us to talk about your sofa upholstery requirements?

Virtually any style of furniture can be covered, from suites and chairs to 2 or 3 seater settees. When you place your order we will carefully photograph and measure every detail of your furniture. We then produce a cover to fit your furniture beautifully. No two covers are the same. We will return to fit your covers so you can order in complete confidence.

This depends entirely on where you are buying the new piece from.

Factory made piece will never be made to our high standards and is likely to feature cheaper materials that sacrifice aesthetics, comfort and/or durability to provide the lowest possible price.

Comparing apples with apples, re-upholstering and restoration of a quality piece will pretty much always be cheaper than buying the equivalent new again, however if you are the exception, we’ll let you know so you can make an informed decision.

Not at all, it’s our pleasure to visit your home at a convenient time, make a thorough assessment of your requirements and provide an accurate and prompt quotation.!

We collect at a time and date to suit you; we’ll work as quickly as possible and return your pieces to you at your
earliest convenience. Our major priority after achieving a great restoration is to minimize disruption and make our service as convenient as possible for you.

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